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Guestluddy, 38 months ago.

looks like RoboZZle app for Windows Phone is no longer available/exists...
perhaps, the author just did not updated description for app to add age-rating, and it was removed by MS...

R.I.P. the great one...

itcactus, 39 months ago.

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Clintonlok, 39 months ago.

you should update the URL for "Get Robozzle WP7" link in the footer of the page http://robozzle.com/wp7/
the existed one is not worked (for years) http://social.zune.net/External/LaunchZuneProtocol.aspx?pathuri=navigate%3FphoneAppID%3D88b6ac03-ba59-e011-854c-00237de2db9e

replace it with the Win10 format like

or with Windows Pnone 8 format like

itcactus, 43 months ago.

Oh, and as part of this release I updated the marketplace offer to include all officially supported countries (previously only the original 17 countries were supported).

trango, 83 months ago.

FYI, I just published a new version of the game that fixes the crash that would occur immediately after launching on Windows Phone 8 devices. My apologies for the long delay in getting a fix released - my day job has been pretty busy this past 6 months.

trango, 83 months ago.

The Windows Phone app no longer loads on Windows 8 (Lumia 920), but it is still available in the store. Is this app still being supported?

mccawj, 87 months ago.

_/\_ Dan Kroymann _/\_

kirarpit, 90 months ago.

Please update the release of Robozzle for Windows Phone 7 so it's available for all countries / marketplaces. It's sad that this great game is not currently available in Czech WP7 marketplace.
You should also consider updating this game for Mango platform - add fast app switching, Live Tile or other nice features :)

necroman, 101 months ago.

I've just released version 1.2 of the app to the Windows Phone Marketplace. In this version, I've added a couple of features that address some of the common requests I've heard voiced by users.

1. From the "my solutions" section of the puzzle details page, clicking on a previously submitted solution will now reload that solution.

2. In progress solutions are automatically saved. When exiting a puzzle, the current solution is saved so that the next time you open that puzzle, you don't have to re-enter your work. This works across ALL puzzles, so you can have partial solutions going on as many puzzles as you want.

3. In response to #2 above, there's now a "clear solution" menu item on the puzzle page that lets you quickly clear out the solution.

4. On the main menu, there's now a new pivot called "recent" that displays the last 24 puzzles that you've played. This makes it really easy to find puzzles that you've been working on recently.

- Dan Kroymann (aka Trango)

PS. Keep the feature requests coming. I've got a few more ideas for improvements that I want to make (I'm mulling over adding a stack viewer similar to the one used in the iPhone version of the game), so I'll definitely be releasing at least one more update to the game.

Trango, 108 months ago.

I'm not a big fan of tap and hold. It slows down the workflow.

I think a confirmation dialog would feel more responsive. However, I don't see having an extra confirmation as critical. If I am on that page, I am probably looking at old solutions to re-enter anyway. I rarely find myself on that page by accident.

Another wish list feature: Save partially entered solutions when the app exits. If I navigate out and relaunch rather than hitting the back button (or the app is no longer in my history), then any work I had was lost. It's easy to be interrupted by phone calls or real life and more than once, I have lost my work in the middle of one of the tougher problems.

I realize that this could be a tough problem, given the number of puzzles you may have to save partial solutions for.

mccawj, 109 months ago.

Glad you like it mccawj. All three of your suggestions are already on my list of features that I'd like to implement in the next update to the game. Especially the last two.

Out of curiosity, what action would you expect to need to take in order to reload one of your past solutions? It needs to be something more than simply clicking on one of the solutions in the "my solutions" list as I don't want people to inadvertently overwrite their current solution. Maybe clicking the solution pops up a dialog prompt asking if you want to load it? Or maybe tap-and-hold on the solution to bring up a context menu containing a "reload solution" menu item?

Trango, 109 months ago.

Great App! Purchased right away. A few suggestions.

1. Allow the user to filter out only the 'starred' puzzles. I would still like to see the puzzles that I have not found the optimal solution for.

2. Allow me to go back to the puzzle after solving it rather than dropping me back to the selection list. I may want to go tweak the solution a bit more.

3. Allow me to select one of my past solutions to automatically fill the command fields, in case I want to go back to an old puzzle and optimize a bit more.

mccawj, 109 months ago.

can you make the focus move one field after you entered a command? So command input would be much faster. Dont move the focus after setting color and only move, when the next field is empty. And set the focus on entering the edit mode (funcions are big ,playfield is small) on the first empty field.


Rekfa, 109 months ago.

Robozzle for Windows Phone 7 launched today! Check it out on the Zune marketplace here:


In the game you get access to the full collection of Robozzle puzzles (including the new puzzles added daily) and can login to your existing Robozzle user account in order to share your progress between the phone and the web. You can rate puzzles and post your comments just like on the website. The Windows Phone 7 version of the game also adds a couple of new useful features for the dedicated Robozzle player:

1. From the main menu, immediately distinguish between puzzles that you have solved with less-than-optimal solutions, and puzzles where you have the shortest known solution.

2. View solution length histograms for a given puzzle to get a quick visual representation of the solutions submitted by other players, and to see how your shortest solution stacks up against the competition.

4. Search for puzzles where the puzzle name or author contains a specific string. Great for quickly finding your favorite puzzle, or for finding other puzzles submitted by your favorite puzzle author.

3. In addition to the standard campaign puzzle list, the app also provides difficulty sorted and date sorted lists of the complete puzzle collection, with the ability to filter out all but the most popular puzzles.

I hope you guys like it. This started out as a hobby project to learn the Windows Phone 7 SDK, and quickly became a major obsession that consumed most of my time outside of work. I've put a LOT of time into the app, and would appreciate any and all feedback/criticism.

- Dan Kroymann (aka Trango)

Trango, 109 months ago.

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