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Thread for puzzle 3-2-1... Start!. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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This puzzle has at least two solutions. One uses a stack and a sort of countdown as suggested by the title (and the pattern in the bottom row). The other uses direct looping and is not in keeping with the title. I wonder if the few players who "disliked" this puzzle found the less satisfying direct solution and not the more interesting, presumably intended solution. I found the plain loop solution first and was quite disappointed. Then I was relieved to find the other one!

dannythorne, 37 months ago.

OMG! I thought it's impossible!

hilbert's comment after solving the puzzle, 66 months ago.

Wonderful but not easy. Eight function calls in my solution.

kraker, 82 months ago.


pipll's comment after solving the puzzle, 95 months ago.

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