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Thread for puzzle V. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Incredible 6 commands. !!!

kakuoh, 78 months ago.

spight, I found an 8-command solution that solves the blue-green part going in the opposite direction. I didn't give any thought into optimizing it to 7, but maybe you solved the blue-green part backward.

sticky, 117 months ago.

First one to find the full 20-slot solution

kraker's comment after solving the puzzle, 117 months ago.

Ack. I have a 7-command solution, but I don't know how to trim it to 6. :< Will I be eternally the last person on the list? Woe is I. ._.

spight, 118 months ago.

A fun little puzzle!

rygarb's comment after solving the puzzle, 118 months ago.

I didn't want to submit it yet, but I don't know how to delete it now.
It should be done with 6 commands

timotheeee, 118 months ago.

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