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Thread for puzzle My Cup Runneth Over. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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***** I wonder why i did not solve it before. jnpollack is right " It is a nature of Robozzle "

drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 11 months ago.

jnpollack, I have many my puzzles without shortest solution. It, maybe, looks weird, but I have some idea why it happens.
Usually, when I make a puzzle, I make it with some ideas and some optimizations. After that it is very difficult to find another way or optimization. Looks like my mind stick to my own solution...

scorpio, 24 months ago.

Thanks scorpio. Painting is like a foreign language to me, but I was able to shave off 1 command. It was just weird being the last one listed on my own puzzle.

jnpollack, 24 months ago.

My original solution used paint. After that I optimized it to 18 and next step to 16. But I always used paint.

scorpio, 24 months ago.

@scorpio - Do your sub 20 solutions use paint? Thanks!

jnpollack, 24 months ago.

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