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Thread for puzzle A. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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The puzzle is super simple but does show iteration. Could possibly add different colored tiles.

j3s1, 9 months ago.

it's too simple,some stars could be reposition to increase the difficulty

potato2_0, 9 months ago.

A simple puzzle that showed iteration. The way the blocks were placed made it very simple

ashkaypao, 9 months ago.

it's too simple, it would be better if some stars are reposition.

dancingpotato, 9 months ago.


drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 9 months ago.

The project was very simple to solve. Maybe better placement of stars as said before.

dmmn, 9 months ago.

Very simple!!

engr100project, 9 months ago.

Very simple!!

engr100project, 9 months ago.

The placement of the stars made the game not as difficult. Regardless, I liked the design of the game.

project , 9 months ago.

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