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Thread for puzzle Spiral. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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clever... should count

Yakjangsu, 9 months ago.

Excellent one of the best I've ever played

Guismo, 25 months ago.

Can't believe I fell for this one, should have looked at the subtitle sooner. I agree that extra slots would have made this harder, I might never have got it if there where more functions to play with.

Super_Flautist, 56 months ago.

nice puzzle. Solution is to count :)

spumanti's comment after solving the puzzle, 65 months ago.

More slots would have made this puzzle more deceptive: if you are playing with the number of tiles, you should also be playing with the number of slots.

kraker, 65 months ago.

I don't mind about name, aslong as game itself doesn't deny and we can link or give their ID.

User137, 65 months ago.

There are three other puzzles named Spiral:

It is a good idea to search in the puzzles list (http://www.robozzle.com/puzzles.aspx) for the name you want before to submit it. Specially for simple names like that.

rafaelromao, 65 months ago.

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