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Thread for puzzle Multiple stacks in one function. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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drmazhar, well done! Like to here you didn't use a solver.
About your hint: In my solution I used F1(blue) two times but not together.

PS. Now you can try 2nd version. It is, I think, easier then 1st but you should use paint to prevent one move. My puzzle #9180 has similar but more complicated idea.

scorpio, 4 months ago.

****** Excelent. After solving lite edition without using solver. (Hint : part of solution use F1(BLUE)F1(BLUE)

drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 4 months ago.

axorion, if you like, you may name it "Stacks symbiosis".
It is just a puzzle name...

scorpio, 4 months ago.

I have said this before and will say it again, emphatically. There is only one stack per process. Just because the stack contains a mixture of return addresses created by a variety of function calls does not mean there are multiple stacks. The stack contains only return addresses. It does not contain any commands. You may think of it in other ways but those ways are not reality!

axorion, 4 months ago.

Some comments/hints:
1. It is very important to have minimum one blue tile to skip.
2. First red tile could be green without any changing in my solution.

scorpio, 4 months ago.

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