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Thread for puzzle Welcome Back, Smylic!. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Last hint: My solution is (3,5,7). The extra command slots are just room to work with.

jnpollack, 4 months ago.

Let's celebrate!

I enjoy making puzzles to celebrate the accomplishments of other players. So far, I've made puzzles in honor of axorion, azure, dorian_gray, scorpio, smylic, and softa.

So, while we're celebrating smylic, check out a few of his exclusive shortest solutions:


jnpollack, 4 months ago.

You solved 2 of my puzzles, and immediately disliked them. No big deal. In fact, I'm honored. However, I'm not a big fan of a couple of things I see way too much of on this site:

1. Solving a designer's easy puzzles and downvoting them, while avoiding that designer's more difficult puzzles. This sort of negative mindset has to go. The site will be better for it. The RoboZZle community will be better for it.
[Now, let me be the first to say it: I know this is not the case with you, smylic. I study the leaderboards, and I know who has solved what, etc. Furthermore, I know that if I pass you on the shortest solution leaderboards, it will be a hollow accomplishment - for the simple fact that there are hundreds of easy puzzles in the 10000s that you have yet to even look at; and as soon as you do, you'll have hundreds more shortest solutions. In other words, regardless of what the leaderboards display, I know you're a better player than I am.]

2. Disliking puzzles due to ignorance or taking out of context. Let me explain. I had 3 puzzles called "Perimeter Stations" (1, 2, and 3). Each was more difficult than the next. Not everybody is born an expert puzzle solver. I make puzzles of varying difficulty. Not everybody is a seasoned pro. Making only difficult puzzles or downvoting easy puzzles will produce the following result: the death of this site. If all easy puzzles are downvoted, the noobs can't find anything that they can solve. They'll stop playing, and the site will be littered with only elite players.

The sad result of both of these can be seen here:
This puzzle was disliked by players who took the puzzle out of context.

and my follow-up http://www.robozzle.com/puzzle.aspx?id=10574
Of course, this puzzle has only been solved by 3 players.

With these 2 puzzles, some players disliked the 1st because it was apparently too easy, but were incapable of solving the 2nd. Some players disliked the 1st puzzle because they took it completely out of context, as it was designed for BOTH an easy solution AND a difficult solution. In my estimation, if a player can't find the shortest solution, their only basis for downvoting is ignorance.

Now that we got that out of the way...

jnpollack, 4 months ago.

A note for smylic:

Welcome back! First and foremost, I think it's great that you came out of RoboZZle retirement. Maybe you can get azure and dorian_gray to put down their martinis and get back in the game. I've noticed since your return, you discovered some new shortest solutions. I think that's fantastic, and it's something that I'd like to see more players do. For example, puzzle 830 went for 9 years until I found a 15-command solution. I then told scorpio about it, who found a different 15-command solution. The point is, there are still plenty of undiscovered shortest solutions out there, and it's great to have another player that can find them. I also noticed that when you returned, you focused on older puzzles, and hadn't looked at any of the new ones until recently... which brings me to the next topic...

jnpollack, 4 months ago.

A few notes for all about solving this puzzle:

It originates from 11019. It's harder than 11019, but easier than 11112.

For the 4 outside greens - the 1st time you encounter them, turn left; the 2nd time, go forward.

Turn right on the 8 outside reds. Turn left on the 4 inside reds.

The cluster of blue tiles at the bottom is merely a hack blocker to keep "hackers" from solving it in 51 unconditional commands, then downvoting it. JUST KIDDING! Well, sort of. It is a hack blocker with the idea of forcing the intended solution.

I sincerely hope many players will solve it, and enjoy the process.

jnpollack, 4 months ago.

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