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Thread for puzzle Animals Fight for a Treat. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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jnpollack, I got a 13 length solution by leaving out the "when stack done, turn left on red" part. don't know what scorpio did to get 12.

aja2718, 1 month ago.

My solution visited all tiles. So, it is not hack.
I made my solution using all your hints. So, I think, it is general solution.
My first solution didn't fit in provided space but I found how to reorganize my stack to reduce number of commands from 15 to 12. No idea about 14 length solution.

scorpio, 2 months ago.

Ya, I thought the ideas were ok, but the implementation was ugly.

So, do you have a hint on how you got it down to 12? I'm well aware that I left it open to "hacking" by not putting stars on all the green tiles, but I'm not sure if that explains your 12 solution.

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

It is almost impossible to solve without hint.

scorpio, 2 months ago.

How to solve:

Stack on the blue corners, release at red as follows: stairs if blue, straight if green, or combination of both. When releasing stack, paint every other tile.
When stack is done, turn left on red. Repeat.
Strange looking puzzle, but fundamentally, not too complicated.
I hope you enjoy the toils of my labor!

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

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