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Thread for puzzle Complete Coverage. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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@scorpio I clicked the link, both from the Silverlight and Javascript versions, but no commands are in the command slots. Am I not accessing this correctly? I sure would like to see what you came up with!

jnpollack, 1 month ago.

I didn't phrase the question properly. Yes, of course, a blue board with red turns that causes the bot to spiral can cover the board in 3 commands.

I guess I should have posed the question with the requirement of a single color starting board.

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

Could be easily done in 3 commands with 2 colors staring board.
I think, it is very unlikely that it could be done with single color starting board and 9 commands.

scorpio, 2 months ago.

Just wondering if anybody knows of a puzzle - maybe in the Random Painting thread - that accomplishes complete coverage of the 16 x 12 grid in 9 or fewer commands, and in 1,000 or fewer steps.

Also, I'd be interested if this has been done with the board all starting as a single color. As you can see, I selectively placed green tiles to keep under the 1,000 step limit.

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

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