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Thread for puzzle Boxes with little corruptions. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Fun & easy. No intricate recursion, no colors, just take the long way home.

kraker, 71 months ago.


grey24x7's comment after solving the puzzle, 72 months ago.

Somehow I hacked together a solution... tricky! :-)

igoro's comment after solving the puzzle, 73 months ago.

I found the 13 now, but the one I found seems much less obvious than the 14. Strange.

recursive, 73 months ago.

My 14 instruction approach doesn't have any colored instructions in it. Which seems wrong somehow.

recursive, 73 months ago.

I mean 14

aalku, 73 months ago.

I never made it in 13 movements. How you did it?

aalku's comment after solving the puzzle, 73 months ago.

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