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Thread for puzzle Just a Drop. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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My bad. I remember now that you described this puzzle:
as random... 7 commands in 1 function, no paint, and an obvious path.

So there is a 3rd possible conclusion that I didn't consider when I replied to your comment:
3. You actually believe that nonsense that you were typing about this puzzle being random paint.

I find it strange for you (statistically, the most accomplished player) to whine about puzzles being difficult. Maybe the real scorpio got hacked.

jnpollack, 3 months ago.

Damn, bro. I'm way too nice to you. I noticed your shortest solution count increasing, and saw that you had reworked some old puzzles. So I figured I'd post Space Invader II, so you could tackle that one as well. When I asked nicely for a hint on one of your 18-command solutions on my Delayed Reflection puzzle, you just ignored me. I can only come to 1 of 2 possible conclusions:

1. You're either bitter because I have taken lots of your shortest solutions; or
2. You're just a flat-out jerk.

Just let it go, and stop acting like somebody put urine in your Fruit Loops.

jnpollack, 3 months ago.

It is exactly random paint. This puzzle uses paint and it is difficult (almost impossible) to find a path and where to paint or not. So you have no clue how to start solving it. Puzzles with paint is hard even with obvious path (#12415 is an example).

scorpio, 3 months ago.

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