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Thread for puzzle CHESS. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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You're new, so let me try to help...

This puzzle can be solved very easily with an "unconditional sweep", which simply means using gray/colorless commands, and systematically going up and down (or side to side) one row (or column) at a time, and repeating until all stars are collected.

I actually gave this puzzle a "Like", because I had never solved such a puzzle moving across the grid horizontally (row by row). Lots of folks will downvote (dislike) puzzles like this. In fact, I made a puzzle similar to this: http://robozzle.com/puzzle.aspx?id=10573
I designed this puzzle for less experienced players to solve in 16 commands, and for more experienced players to solve in 14 commands, and some players still downvoted it.

But hey, keep at it, and I'll do my best to provide constructive criticism / positive feedback.

jnpollack, 2 months ago.


drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 2 months ago.

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