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Thread for puzzle TIC/TOC. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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I figured you’d take back 9545, since I’m not particularly good at painting. Nice job...

Here’s another old puzzle to revisit: http://www.robozzle.com/puzzle.aspx?id=1359

jnpollack, 9 months ago.

Yes, it is an empty stack but I used it to save 2 commands this time.

scorpio, 9 months ago.

Interesting... so you mean something other than an empty stack? When I say "empty" stack, I mean for example:

Function 2: Forward, L(green), F3(green), F2(blue), Forward
(this would be the normal stack, since there is a command behind F2(blue), which is placed in memory)

Function 3: Forward, L(red), F3(blue)
(this is what I call the "empty stack", since there are no commands behind the conditional function call)

If you mean something other than an empty stack, I am very curious to know this construction, especially since you think you have never used it before. Maybe if you can get your account fixed soon, you can make a new puzzle with this idea? But please don't make it too difficult!

Speaking of "Well done"... Nice work on 211, dude!

I got a couple more puzzles (older than 1995), but I don't want to distract you from your mission... The last one I saw you took was 9164, so you're somewhere around 9200 now, right?

jnpollack, 9 months ago.

Well done! #1995 is actually not too difficult to solve in 10 commands. Why nobody tried it?!

'green to red "skip lines"' - I mean that my robot move from green to red without storing any commands (without stack). I found a very nice way to use it for saving commands. I think I have never used this construction before.

scorpio, 9 months ago.

Thanks. I'll try turning point optimization (which I assume requires F1(blue) like puzzle 37. Not sure what you mean by 'green to red "skip lines"', but the hint gives me some ideas.

Your comment about not knowing how to solve it in 19 commands reminded me of how I felt after solving puzzle 1995 (I couldn't solve in 11), which you might want to revisit.

jnpollack, 9 months ago.

Not really. In Septopus I used very straightforward optimization at the turning points. I even don't know how to solve it in 19 commands.

In this puzzle my first solution has length 23 and it is very similar with Septopus. Then I used green to red "skip lines" for optimization.

scorpio, 9 months ago.

scorpio - Are there any similarities between the optimizations you used for this puzzle and Septopus?

jnpollack, 9 months ago.

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