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Thread for puzzle Green Wall. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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dstroy, I do not agree. Both puzzles do not have new ideas but this puzzle is harder than "lvl 14" because "lvl 14" has obvious grey solution.
PS. More people solved "lvl 14".

scorpio, 1 month ago.

Hmm i see, indeed makes sense. Talking about new stuff i'd like to know how you guys solved it in 8 steps. If there is a way you could share it to me without giving the solution in the commentary section, maybe it could help me figuring out an updated and better version to the "Green Wall" :)

dstroy, 1 month ago.

because of "lvl 14 " is not new. "Green Wall" may have new idea.

drmazhar, 1 month ago.

But it's wayyyy easier than the "lvl 14" !! Overall lvl 14 is i believe the hardest one i uploaded.

dstroy, 1 month ago.


drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 1 month ago.

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