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Thread for puzzle Odds and Evens (Lite edition). Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Dear scorpio,

I sent Igor an email a year ago regarding the current state of the game and website, and expressed my desire to see Robozzle regain the popularity it had in the past. He replied to my email, and he called me on the phone to discuss in more detail. We have remained in contact via email to discuss topics such as game and site development.

In other puzzle threads, I have posted my email address, and also a way to contact me via Facebook. A couple of months ago, Dr. Mazhar contacted me, and is also concerned for the future of RoboZZle. I informed Igor about drmazhar, and that we are both interested in helping to make the game and site better and more popular.

Igor has chosen a platform to discuss these topics. Dr. Mazhar and I are extending an invitation to you because:
1. You are an important figure in RoboZZle.
2. We value your opinion and input, and Igor probably would, too.
3. We thought you would be interested in the future direction of the game and the website.

Again, this is already an ongoing discussion, and Igor himself chose the platform for discussing these topics. It is not up to me or drmazhar to move this discussion with Igor to the forums.

If you are interested, please email drmazhar. Otherwise, simply disregard this message.

jnpollack, 5 days ago.

I don't agree. New users cannot read such discussion in the future.
Anyway, do you already have any ideas?
If so, it would be nice to post them on the forum.

scorpio, 8 days ago.

Anybody else who is interested in RoboZZle's future in general and the expected RoboZZle'S popularity in the future may also contact me (so the discussion is open to all players), but that the response time will be much faster and more regular via email.
So my email is : mmaazz_2222@yahoo.co.uk
Welcome to all

drmazhar, 8 days ago.

I don’t know exactly what the problem was related to.
Igor said that the engine loads the list of solved and voted puzzles. Nothing about solutions list.
To see your solutions list you have to login on the statistics page (or forum page) and it worked fine for me.

drmazhar, why don't you want to discus about robozzle here on the forum page? I think it should be open to all players.

scorpio, 9 days ago.

****** Creat. For me i learnt a new stack technique from this puzzle.

drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 10 days ago.

Scorpio I am happy for fixing your account. I would like to invite you to join discussion between me and jnpollack about RoboZZle's future in general and the expected RoboZZle'S popularity in the future as a special topic. If you agree this invitation please send email to me.
My email is mmaazz_2222@yahoo.co.uk.

drmazhar, 10 days ago.

Cool, glad your account is working again!

So, was the problem related to:

1. the number of puzzles that YOU have solved,
2. the number of puzzles that any player had solved, or
3. the number of solutions in your profile?

I’m assuming # 3. For example, I have 37 different solutions for puzzle 4241, starting from when I just began playing, then all the solutions I submitted while optimizing. I’m sure you have lots of puzzles with many solutions. After a while, all this solution data can pile up and potentially cause issues with the database.

jnpollack, 10 days ago.

First of all, thanks to Igor (aka IgorO)!
He found how to fix my problem. As I understand, the problem could be related to a large number of solved puzzles. So any active user could have such problem in the future. Now, hopefully, no one will.

Now about puzzle: This puzzle is simple and there is nothing new in it. But it is very useful for original "Odds and Evens" (#12522). After solving this one you have to find how to use paint (not hard) and F1 (harder). Starting position in #12522 is a little bit tricky but could be solved in 2 or more ways.

scorpio, 10 days ago.

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