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Thread for puzzle Can you count? II. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Hm..., #12636 and #120 are really similar.

By the way, #33 could be solved in 10 commands with another starting position.

scorpio, 2 months ago.

This game still surprises me sometimes. Nice job on 10346, by the way.
Be sure to check out 12636 and compare to 120.

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

I had different but general solution for #33.

scorpio, 2 months ago.

Thanks, scorpio! In the thread for puzzle 33, I had posed the question of whether or not any of the other shortest solutions were general, since admittedly, my 11 is not. My 11 for puzzle 33 is 7,2,2 - and if I tried to use it in this version, it will get stuck in a loop of u-turns for any row with > 12 tiles. (I wouldn’t call it a hack, since #1 - I revisited the puzzle many times and worked for long hours to finally find the shortest solution, and 2 - I didn’t use a solver.)

Anyway, your 11 here answers my question of whether not anyone else’s shortest solution for 33 is general, and in how many functions. So again, thank you!

jnpollack, 2 months ago.

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