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Thread for puzzle simple?. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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The puzzle is for beginner good. I am not a beginner.

anton_s's comment after solving the puzzle, 107 months ago.

Well, fair enough, I can see that i rushed the design a bit :)
But never the less, I learned something from this, and hopefully my next lvl will be better :)

spliffen, 122 months ago.

Use a simple 1/1 ratio with no turn and the first red space falls through directly under the star.

spliffen: I'm sure this was supposed to be a snaking path. Making the screen mostly blue was to hide the path. Problem is only black spaces prevent movement. Adding all the blue only gave us a shorter path. You could have added a few black spaces to block some easier paths but you would have to see them first. If you don't know how to manipulate the stack you wouldn't have seen my solution.

For now I recommend if you do a snake, you do it on a black background.

axorion, 122 months ago.


rafaelromao's comment after solving the puzzle, 122 months ago.

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