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Thread for puzzle Colors separation (Lite edition). Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Thanks for the hint! Would not have been able to solve this puzzle otherwise. Great puzzle!

softa, 1 month ago.

My original "Colors separation" was solved only by one person and he does not play anymore... so use some hints if you want. Try to use as little as you can:
0. "Colors separation" mean that you should "physically" separate green and blue tiles.
1. You do not need to paint red tiles.
2. Try to solve this puzzle if we already separated colors (have some blue tiles at the start and some green at the end).
3. Now, when you use this solution on my puzzle, the second stack could hit a blue tile instead of red. In this case your second stack should do something different. It should switch this blue tile with first green...
4. The last problem is green starting position but you need only one additional command for this situation in F1.

scorpio, 1 month ago.

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