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Thread for puzzle Cross. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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It's funny to read such comments from the people from top ranking. Yes, it was too time ago. Today this puzzle would be ranked as 1 or 2. But I like it.

hilbert's comment after solving the puzzle, 50 months ago.

Don't know how I did it.

tomtom's comment after solving the puzzle, 86 months ago.

Wow, why did this take me two weeks to solve? My brute-forcer has been crunching this for over a week, but I just realized the solution. I don't understand how I ever missed it. I guess I can kill the brute-force now. :)

recursive, 87 months ago.

Wonderful! evko, you rock! =)

life96's comment after solving the puzzle, 87 months ago.

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