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Thread for puzzle The art of hint-hinting. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Thnx, Scorpio. I will start working on it...

kraker, 26 days ago.

1. #36, in general, is a binary tree.
2. Try to solve it in one function (more then 10 commands).
3. I have no idea how to make a good and simpler hint puzzle for #36. I'll make one that could help you find the path.
Hope this helps.

scorpio, 26 days ago.

I have seen this thing before, but I can't remember it's name. Otherwise I would have made a reference. If someone can find this puzzle, please add a comment.

And now we are talking, can anyone write a hint puzzle for puzzle 36? This very early thing, concocted by Igoro himself? At the moment I am writing this message it has been solved by 183 players, but I just don't get the clue. Please help me out and help me to finish the campaign before Silverlight will disappear from stage.

kraker, 28 days ago.

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