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Thread for puzzle Late. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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My first solution has 11 commands but F2 = ABAB. I rated it as 3 stars at first.
Next I tried to optimize the path and found 8 commands solution that collect all stars without one in the centre of the puzzle.
After it I changed path a bit and it collects all stars and, in addition, I could remove one command.

PS. I rated it 2 stars after all. If you know it could be solved in 7 commands, it is not hard to find that solution.

PPS. Such puzzles could be very hard to solve when the path is not clear.

scorpio, 11 days ago.

Well, I designed this puzzle as 7/4. I expected shorter solutions were possible, but never thought of a solution of only seven tiles. Scorpio, as yet, is the only one who has solved it and rates its difficulty 2, which is apparently an underestimation. I botted it and I also found the 7-solution. My own non-bot or before-bot solution really had a crazy path. The puzzle should be solvable by many. ‘Early’ is a true pointer of how to chop up this great blue bob. And its hint-puzzle even more so. Let’s keep informed without giving away solutions. I will wait with giving further hints for after Easter.

kraker , 13 days ago.

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