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Thread for puzzle Light goes out. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Very good puzzle - and it feels extra nice to find a short solution for such an old puzzle :)

edsaw, 60 months ago.

I've changed my mind; I like this puzzle now. It was very clever. :)

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 69 months ago.

That was way too difficult!

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 69 months ago.

Oh, it's a new one! :) I just didnt have a chance to notice it yet. Thanks

life96, 70 months ago.

It's "Light goes out (simple version)": http://robozzle.com/puzzle.aspx?id=182

igoro, 70 months ago.

mmm, what is the "easier version" actually? =/

life96, 70 months ago.

I didn't have too much trouble with the easy version, but I am just not seeing any way to finish that loop. Ah well, time for bed. Perhaps it will come to me in a dream.

recursive, 70 months ago.

Awesome puzzle! Not as impossible as it may look, provided that you use the intended tricks. The easier version definitely helped; I probably wouldn't have finished it otherwise.

igoro's comment after solving the puzzle, 70 months ago.

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