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Thread for puzzle 1-2-3-4... emm... 5.... Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Great puzzle! Finally I solved it.

markbyers, 84 months ago.

Seems more like a missing feature than anything unfair. :-)

I added it to the wiki. Out of the two options, "Load an existing puzzle" for the designer would be the easier way to implement it.

igoro, 86 months ago.

recursive, I knew that! :) (about the mockup)

I use to exploit designer's mode too. And not only for evko's levels :o)

I am even in doubt, whether to post such feature request, or not.
I'm talking about the possibility to temporarily "relax" command cells restrictions to play with the level and try to found "long" solution first, and then optimize it to fit in what the author has provided (or even less :))
Or, probably the other way - is to add an option to copy the entire puzzle into puzzles editor. The 2nd thing is probably somewhat more correct.
It would exclude the need of draw each level anew to play with it.
What do you think?
And one more thing... Igor, do you found such way of solving "sportish" (fair play) or not?
I personally dont think it's not sportish, but just in case... :)

life96, 86 months ago.

I got it about half an hour after I made that post. I had to change the approach slightly to get that one more movement. (actually, I conserved about 20)

The screenshot isn't even from the real-level. It's from a star-less mockup with 50 command slots, like I like to make when I'm attempting evko's levels. :)

recursive, 86 months ago.

Actually, you got it. ;-) You don't have to paint all the tiles, just pick up all the stars.

Perhaps it's a bug?

igoro, 86 months ago.

I came up with a general solution that solves this puzzle, but I haven't been able to get it small enough to fit in the functions provided. I'm not sure if it ultimately is the correct approach or not.

However, I found it highly amusing that this is the state of the puzzle after the 1000 move limit expires with my approach.


Yes. That's right. I needed 1001 moves.

recursive, 86 months ago.

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