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Thread for puzzle Turn on star :). Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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The paint isn't necessary to solve this, but forgoing it makes getting the last star tricky.

Ihvaquestion, 76 months ago.

Brilliant puzzle!

tomtom's comment after solving the puzzle, 85 months ago.

very tricky

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 86 months ago.

"some work to get it to fit"?! it took me smth about 2 days (not 48 hrs of course, still...). that is why i said "obvious idea, but extremely tight coding" :)

life96, 86 months ago.

Yes. "a" from your post gave me the inspiration I needed to see the solution. It still was some work to get it to fit, but eventually, it did.

recursive, 86 months ago.

recursive: congratulations! :) was it "a"?
now, the others only have to read our posts above and try to encode the idea :)

life96, 86 months ago.

My idea is "b", I think if I understand you. I dismissed "a" as being impossible, but I see I have to re-examine that.

recursive, 86 months ago.

I'm affraid I couldn't completely and correctly understand your 3rd statement, but it sounds close to what I've done. To clear things up, let me ask, how are you going to get to the top of the 1st vertical blue column (the leftmost one)? I can see at least 2 possible ways here to exploit recursion and the markup, carried with the 2 first statements. One of them is what I've done, but I'm not sure whether the second is possible to encode here or not. The difference between them is what is used to store recursion:
a. a horizontal way to the next marked up cell;
b. a vertical (up-to-down direction) way from the top of column.
Your idea sounds like "b." for me. And I have used "a."

life96, 86 months ago.

Yes, I definitely have an idea:

* All the spiral segments go on the stack.
* Each comes off as a straight line, leaving a red mark at the end.
* At the top of each vertical blue piece, it does a 180 at the top and recurses back to the red it painted earlier, saving that vertical blue segment on the stack for the next horizontal stretch, at the end of which it paints another red.

I doubt I've revealed too much, because I can't get it to work, but I can't see any other approaches either.

recursive, 86 months ago.

oh, i forgot to say, i've contacted evko and got my "obvious" idea implicitly approved :) it means, i still was in a doubt about the idea, despite of its obviousness for me :)) but there was another reason for these doubts - multiple attempts and failures to fit my idea in a given code space

life96, 86 months ago.

well... we just have differing "logic" probably. this idea was pretty clear for me, unlike many other puzzles you have solved at this moment, but not me ) and i guess you do have an idea prior to its realization in most of the cases. dunno, why it didnt work for you on this one ) btw, do you have any (maybe non-so-obvious?) idea for this one?

life96, 86 months ago.

Obvious? Hmm. :) I guess I can only solve non-obvious ones.

recursive, 86 months ago.

obvious idea, but extremely tight coding

life96's comment after solving the puzzle, 86 months ago.

Oh. My.

Haven't played for a while, these colour changing puzzles are trippy!

stingray, 86 months ago.

evko, I tried, but failed (
thanks, I'll contact you tomorrow!
igoro, could you please cleanup evko's contact details?
(unless he want to leave them :))

life96, 86 months ago.

Additional hint: use one of functions for two goals :)

life96, mail me to: [... email edited out by admin ...]
or post in lj: http://evko.livejournal.com/46334.html?mode=reply

evko, 86 months ago.

Yeah, I was actually going to ask what does "first kind of memory" have to do here actually... :)
I combined stack and colors... but cant fit in 3 "F"unctions...
Despaired, I'm ready to ask for a hint :o[ May I contact you in private, evko? (if yes - than how?)

life96, 86 months ago.

Igoro, replace, please, description: "Combine stack memory and color markup", because it's better explain solution ideas.

evko, 86 months ago.

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