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Thread for puzzle LIFO to FIFO. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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I'm totally misled in thinking about why is it possible to implement FIFO stack...nice puzzle!!

upsilon's comment after solving the puzzle, 5 months ago.

cool :)

nischay's comment after solving the puzzle, 17 months ago.

haha knew it there is nothing like new concept, its our old recursion only :P

kirarpit's comment after solving the puzzle, 18 months ago.

This seems rated too difficult, gave it moderate

gercho's comment after solving the puzzle, 34 months ago.

i was so lost on this one for so long :)

riske's comment after solving the puzzle, 53 months ago.

itjstagame: You can't delete comments, but I can. :-) I deleted the extra copies of your comment.

igoro, 54 months ago.

How can I delete comments, my one comment keeps resubmitting somehow...

itjstagame, 54 months ago.

WOOOT! As was stated, using designer mode helped a lot, after doing it with 3 functions it didn't take much to shrink to 2, I had 1 empty slot too!

itjstagame's comment after solving the puzzle, 54 months ago.

@itjstagame: Logically one can deduce that (since the bot only has a call stack and nothing more) if you need things in a particular order all you can do is to stack them in the opposite order. So stack the directions in reverse.

You can try Follow Directions I and II of snydej if you want some help with call stacks.

chillu, 54 months ago.

I've been trying to figure out how to do this, resonance and resonance 2, I cannot for the life of me how you can create a queue using the utilities we have available. A stack is easy, that could just be recursion.

Are there any other easier puzzles that can help me realize what I need for this one?

itjstagame, 54 months ago.

I wouldn't agree with recursive that there is only one stack. I would rather say there is one stack and a half. Hint: don't be afraid to run an extra mile (or two). Great, great puzzle!

kraker, 54 months ago.

Very advanced example of how "bookend" functions can be packed inside of a recursive one. :)

0cache, 57 months ago.

Very advanced example of how "bookend" functions can be packed inside of a recursive one. :)

0cache, 57 months ago.

An interesting idea, but spoiled by being overconstrained. I could only solve this in designer mode and trying to get the solution to fit was quite frustrating.

markbyers's comment after solving the puzzle, 60 months ago.

Thanks for the hint recursive..I was able to solve it :) awesome puzzle

timepass, 61 months ago.

Hint: There is only one stack. Figure out how to get stuff on the stack in the order you need it.

Think outside the box and challenge your assumptions...

recursive, 61 months ago.

Seems to be hard...can imagine that the idea behind the puzzle is like implementing a queue using two stacks...here red tile is used to keep track of number of turns but not been able to implement the same..any hints/tips...thanks

timepass, 61 months ago.

@life96:Thanks for the comments.If you could elaborate a more it would be awesome.

timepass, 61 months ago.

Hard for me but life96 comment helped a lot

aalku's comment after solving the puzzle, 61 months ago.

wallacoloo, combine "main" program and the storing recursion loop in F1, and use F2 for non-storing recursion. at least I've solved it this way, at first having 3 functions in designers mode too

life96, 61 months ago.

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