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Thread for puzzle Red lines. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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I could only find the solution using no paint. Was actually very easy with no paint.

benjaminRR, 68 months ago.

First idea worked

tomtom's comment after solving the puzzle, 86 months ago.

This is possible with no paint. Still haven't found the 13 though.

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 87 months ago.

For the record, I'm not opposed to easier puzzles. But IMO unless there is some board change, it doesn't add anything to have two puzzles. If an easier puzzle is wanted, only provide the easier one. Solution size is visible on the stats page. I suppose having two would be a bonus to "solved puzzles" for those that can find the smaller one.

So, I suppose I can see the arguments on either side. I wouldn't be disappointed either way.

recursive, 87 months ago.

this is "what have happened" illustration

life96, 87 months ago.

by the way, my best-attempt-at-this-moment was doing pretty well, flood filling the entire puzzle with red... until it suddenly stopped, and robot fallen off the "screen" in the left-top corner ;(
it was a kind of disappointment igor have had in "Vertigo" i guess )

life96, 87 months ago.

i cant tell for sure yet, as i "so far only found the approaches that almost work" too )) but this one looks tough enough

life96, 87 months ago.

Yeah... I so far only found the approaches that almost work. :-)

IMHO, this is a good example of a puzzle where two versions would make sense.

If someone can figure out a solution with 3 functions (10 commands each), reward them with a puzzle. And there would be the harder version that only recursive, life96 and a couple other players will solve. :-)

That way, perhaps 50 people would get to solve a puzzle instead of 5. Or do you guys see it differently?

igoro, 87 months ago.

I tried so many approaches that *almost* worked. There are probably several that do.

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 87 months ago.

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