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Thread for puzzle Watchtower patrol. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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This one is overrated. It is pretty easy.

shaggy12's comment after solving the puzzle, 41 months ago.

Nice! That is one cool optimization!

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 72 months ago.

In this particular case, I am not using that approach. Previously, my best solution was 15, and I left the puzzle alone for a few days.

Yesterday, I came back with a fresh mind, took one glance at the puzzle, and in a few seconds had an idea for a totally different approach. I wasn't immediately sure if it would work, and it took about 5 minutes to implement, but it resulted the 11 command solution without any particularly crazy hacking. In fact, it may be possible to shrink further.

Generally speaking, if I've been looking for an optimization to an existing solution for more than 20 minutes without finding one, I'm not going to find one. *at that time*

Frequently, I can clear my mind and come back on a later day and have many fresh ideas that do lead to improvements.

The non-intuitive coloring strategies do yield many optimizations, but those tend to be more hard-won. There is no replacement for creativity and inspiration, which for me seems to mostly come from taking a break and working on other things. It's almost as if I have a certain capacity for robozzle optimization per day. Beyond that it doesn't matter how much time I spend, because I will get no results.

recursive, 72 months ago.

recursive, are you using that technique you described not so long ago (coloring every command tile possible) to achive such inconceivable results in program length? how much time does it take you to get even shorter code on average?

life96, 72 months ago.

Woo, I'm on a bloat-eliminating rampage. Just knocked off two new short solutions. :)

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 72 months ago.

interesting... i was actually thinking of a way you described, but couldnt fit in command cells (this is getting traditional for evko's puzzles, hmm... :)) so i have used another way, but it took me pretty long to fit in anyway

life96, 73 months ago.

I'm getting all the cardinal directions first, followed by all diagonals. It seems like there might be a more efficient way to do it by alternating the two, but I don't see it yet.

recursive, 73 months ago.

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