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Thread for puzzle Scaffold Elevation. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Starting with the big one and then simply stack.

kraker, 108 months ago.

Wow, kraker, how did you do it in 16-slots? The subtitle was intended to help others, but I guess it can get quite misleading. The intended solution is 18 slots.

MasterLuk, 108 months ago.

The subtitle seems to me misleading but maybe I found another solution.

kraker, 108 months ago.

Ah yes, interesting puzzle and I can see the pattern, but don't know how to solve within 18 slots as yet.

kraker, 109 months ago.

This puzzle is quite a tough one. For it, there is a certain F2 function sequence that is repeated over and over again. The number of times F1 calls this F2 function before stacking and lengthening determines when the robot lands on red. For example, F1 might call F2 3 times over and over again before it lands on red to stack. Lengthening is part of the stacking.

MasterLuk, 109 months ago.

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