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Thread for puzzle RoboZZle vs Turing machine (Part III). Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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I found only length 15 (14 if F1 was longer). But I don't use paint (even don't see any way to use it).

smylic's comment after solving the puzzle, 68 months ago.

Length 14 solution is just counting. Solveable in 13 if F1 was longer.

keba, 68 months ago.

I wouldn't call what I did "concatenation", it was more like count blue squares.

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 83 months ago.

I wouldn't call what

snydej's comment after solving the puzzle, 83 months ago.

In response to my earlier self, I'd like to say that I only thought I knew the best algorithm. I discovered one that uses 14 (15 given the function layout of the puzzle) that uses significantly fewer paints than I thought were necessary...

recursive, 83 months ago.

It took me a little while to figure out the actual algorithm. Once I found it, it wasn't too difficult to find a working implemantation. But it was big. Like twice the allowed size. So I've been sitting here staring at it trying to consolidate. I'm now one command short of fitting, and it's scarcely recognizable.

The natural way to separate functions is logical units of work. For example, a "go straight until the next blue square, and turn left" function. In evko's puzzles the functions in the solutions tend not to have such natural descriptions.

I don't know what it means, but I do know it makes them difficult.

recursive, 83 months ago.

Thanks, igoro

evko, 83 months ago.


igoro, 83 months ago.

uuupsss.. It must be named "RoboZZle vs Turing machine (Part III)"

evko, 83 months ago.

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