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Thread for puzzle Simple paint spiral. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Go back to learn how much you have to advance. The idea has been used already (e.g. "Turn on invisible green")

arkangelsk1's comment after solving the puzzle, 107 months ago.

I searched for puzzles with the name spiral in them, so I didn't find "Left on Invisible Green".

eBusiness, 108 months ago.

Yes, it has been done before: "Left on Invisible Green" (1617) by katy, which is, I think, more elegant because it starts with only blue tiles. And then there is markbyers' "Symmetry - Spiral Painting" (874), which is a real challenge.

kraker, 108 months ago.

Agree, but the puzzle idea is getting old. I'm also pretty sure it's a very near duplicate of an existing puzzle.

edsaw, 108 months ago.

ebusiness: Getting it down to 14 was fun. Thanks for the challange.

axorion's comment after solving the puzzle, 108 months ago.

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