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Thread for puzzle Dragon curve - paint. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Very enjoyable!

scorpio's comment after solving the puzzle, 54 months ago.

Ahh, now I see why you use 3 colours, it's because you want to stuff everything into the same recursive function, and it takes a little hack to get that working.

The simple solution that I first used is apparently not favoured by anyone, despite not requiring any hacks.

eBusiness, 126 months ago.

I tried to paint two colors, but got a problem on 4th or 5th iteration. Then I thought a little and understood that I can use third color and everything would become good.

But I still can't imagine how to use only one color...

Smylic, 126 months ago.

Got the multicolor infinite dragon now! Really nice puzzle.

edsaw, 126 months ago.

Solved for any size using all 3 paints. The wikipedia section on folding was very helpful.

keba, 126 months ago.

Well, that doesn't seem to be so far off, that said, this seemingly simple pattern has proven Turing complete, a few humans are even capable of performing complex calculations like pi generation subconsciously. At some level our mind is simple, but the interesting part is how the simple patterns may combine.

Anyway, it's not his science that turn me away, it's his war on religion, he readily casts away not only respect for other people, but also scientific method and proper statistics if it lets him denounce religion. Much bad can be said about religion, but saying things without proper backing does not serve the cause.

On Wikipedia he is quoted blaming 9/11 on religion, and using this as proof of religion being evil. Completely ignoring any other contributing cause to the act, and that plenty bad things have been done by non-religious people.

eBusiness, 126 months ago.

I've always been surprised by the size his following. Reducing human imagination, creativity, ingenuity and the like to random chaotic interactions between learned patterns past down to us by their forebears is very unappealing to my ego. My guess is that it is primarily appealing to those lacking imagination, creativity ,ingenuity and the like.

axorion, 126 months ago.

Nah, he might have been something in the past, but today he is an atheist with all the qualities of a religious sect leader.

eBusiness, 126 months ago.

:) Another fan of Richard Dawkins, I presume.

edsaw, 126 months ago.

"multicolor infinite dragon solution" Take that out of context and you have got a multicolor infinite dragon expression!

I feel a meme coming up. Use it wherever you can (and can't).

eBusiness, 126 months ago.

Well I am only painting one color, but the solution will not go on forever. I was suspecting you were doing something more clever, that was why I asked. I'll have to meditate over that multicolor infinite dragon solution :)

edsaw, 126 months ago.

I was beginning to wonder if anyone would ever solve it.

"I am painting only one color."
Now you are just trying to mess with me, that is not possible :-P

My solution could by the way go on for eternity, it might be helpful to know that that is possible.

It is unfortunately not a full extra iteration, that would take a 16x13 board, so the end is cut off, but that shouldn't change the solution method.

eBusiness, 126 months ago.

Interesting puzzle. I am painting only one color. Are you using more?

Helpful hint for others: The fractal is still a normal Dragon Curve, only with one more iteration depth.

edsaw, 126 months ago.

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