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Thread for puzzle Arms. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Yes, we most probably all have the same solution. Mine also fails on red-to-green arm of length 4, followed by green-to-red arm of the same length.

Vincent, 123 months ago.

As far as I understand intended route for your link my solution works for it too.
We meant somethink like this:

Smylic, 124 months ago.

Nice and tricky, sticky. I like!

axorion's comment after solving the puzzle, 124 months ago.

My solution has the same problem.

Smylic, 124 months ago.

Very nice. Did we all found the same solution? Mine wouldn't work if the red tile top right were green. Or, more precisely, if there had been two 4-tile arms, one of them green, one of the red.

kraker, 124 months ago.

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