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Thread for puzzle Honest square. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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cowans, 83 months ago.

Not too messy, even though it has an overlapping path. For me, the last star required only a very simple patch.

edsaw, 121 months ago.

I'm sorry for this last star. I didn't want to include any hack. In my solution it was common case (though slightly ugly) when we have 0 red tiles. At first I made several such situations, but after increasing first test case I was lazy to restore it.

Smylic, 121 months ago.

Can't get the last star. My stack will always either interfere with turning on reds or overlapping green section. It seems like it's possible to hack the last part so that the overlapping section will resume stacking but I can't fit that hack in the space.

sticky, 121 months ago.

When I was searching for your optimization I found an algorithm which suffers from overlapping. Heretofore I thought that any such algorithm would have too much moves (erroneously).

I'm glad you like my puzzles.

Smylic, 121 months ago.

3rd algorithm worked... getting the last star is hacky though.

keba, 121 months ago.

I have two quite different square algorithms, but neither work because of the overlapping path.

keba, 121 months ago.

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