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Thread for puzzle Simple Math 2. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 17 months ago.

For me hack is any patch that helps to solve specific puzzle, but not general case. And it is hack even if it was intended. Any solution for general case isn't hack for me.

Smylic, 111 months ago.

For me, hack means an unintended method of solving, which the author would have prevented if they had forseen it and could.

keba, 111 months ago.

First I would say that calling a solution a hack isn't necessarily a bad thing. As an author it is my job to block hacking. When I author a puzzle I start with a premise. As I construct the puzzle I move back and forth from the tiles to the code. I am trying to clarify, to distill out the essence of the premise. By hacking you compromise the puzzle showing that it is not pure. If the puzzle has been created well then even that compromise will be quite strong and challenging. In this case the premise was stated in the title. Since branching to resolve case zero is not 'simple math' it is a hack. While my goal of a hack proof puzzle may have failed the puzzle itself will only fail if people do not enjoy solving it. Judging by the votes I would say this puzzle was somewhat successful through I'm sure it would have done better if it had been pure.

axorion, 111 months ago.

I can't understand why do you call alternative general solution (with special case A==0) hack.

Smylic, 111 months ago.

I wanted to fix this puzzle but the hack is quit robust. The tightest constraints I can place on the intended solution are 3-6-2-2. While this pushes the hack count to 13 it does not block it. The hack doesn't even need two colors for segment marking. Nether the intended solution nor the constrained hack can handle two zero cases in succession but for completely different reasons. Oh well, the intended solution is much more beautiful to watch and understand.

axorion, 111 months ago.

Length 12 hacks the A=0 case.

keba, 111 months ago.

Didn't follow hint.

smylic's comment after solving the puzzle, 111 months ago.

Notice how the 'while not(red)' looping problem resolves itself.

axorion, 111 months ago.

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