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Thread for puzzle Adding fuel to fire. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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And finally I've this nice puzzle!
Many times I needed one more slot to any function (and length would be the same as now). At the end I began to practise shamanism. And fit solution. But my solution is not completely general. It's completely general for one part (length of numbers and their quantity don't matter), but not general at all for two or more parts...

Smylic, 104 months ago.

It was tough to fit my solution. I had to be really careful on how I use the paint in order to to reuse some code for the control logic. I don't see how to optimize my current solution, but the possible solution types are probably large, given that you have all paint available.

edsaw, 104 months ago.

But now, when I was sure that I was on the right way, I found correct carry function. Now I need to implement it all:)

Smylic, 104 months ago.

Yes, I tried to execute carry at sight (when I was planning route in mspaint:)). Everything was ok for the first part. But I need to change something to fix the second part...

Smylic, 104 months ago.

Here's a small hint: the carry is executed immediately. Not another word... Ah, and it's nice to see the first solution. Good job!

Vincent, 104 months ago.

For a long time I didn't understand at all what to add. Now I see how to get red stars. But blue stars are still blackbox for me.

Smylic, 104 months ago.

Had to reuse F5 to fit it.

keba's comment after solving the puzzle, 104 months ago.

Never mind, I see now, it really is simply adding. Looks fun :)

keba, 104 months ago.

I still can't see what we're meant to add.

keba, 104 months ago.

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