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Thread for puzzle Another PYOP (v2). Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Keba, don't think that I didn't try to find intended solution for the first PYOP. My hack had length 35:)
But at the moment I don't see such short solution as this puzzle requires...

Smylic, 103 months ago.

I’ve sandboxed it to death. Best I can do is a nice looking 23(6,6,5,4,2). I’ll be busy for the next few days and I’m fresh out of virgins.

axorion, 103 months ago.

Im sure my solution isnt the intended algorithm, as it is neither nice nor straight forward to implement :)

qinn, 103 months ago.

I generally don't like optimized versions of puzzles, but I agree that this was a nice algorithm. I probably wouldn't have optimized the original one if this puzzle wasn't made.

edsaw's comment after solving the puzzle, 103 months ago.

I wouldn't normally have submitted an optimisation, but it's a straight forward implementation of a nice algorithm. Plus the other one was hackable, I'm not letting Smylic off that easily ;-)

keba, 103 months ago.

Sure it starts out innocent enough. “I’ll just pay homage to the gods of optimization. Everybody’s doing it.” But the next thing you know you’re sacrificing virgins before breakfast!

axorion, 103 months ago.

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