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Thread for puzzle Handcuffs. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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I agree with you Kracker.

benjaminRR, 103 months ago.

I find stacking with one function just as easy as stacking with multiple functions. In fact, stacking with multiple functions can be more difficult and even harder to understand because it allows for more complex behaviors. In this particular case, I actually solved Axorion's version more quickly than this version.

sticky, 103 months ago.

I am happy this puzzle was first designed with five functions. The challenge simply is to see the pattern and to know how to implement it. That is the part I always enjoy most. To press the solution into a smaller number of tiles or functions may be insightful and may reveal interesting patterns, but it is often time-consuming, may involve guesswork and may be very frustrating. I welcome it when people submit more tight and difficult varieties of a puzzle, but it is good when the first instance of a puzzle exploiting an idea is plain and relatively easy.

kraker, 103 months ago.

Could have been (9,3,6) as well.

axorion's comment after solving the puzzle, 103 months ago.

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