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Thread for puzzle Yin Yang. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Length 16 is the only straightforward solution I have found, the shorter ones are just nasty optimisations.

keba, 105 months ago.

Authors comment: I know the path to the final star makes it easier to see the pattern but its purpose is to block a ‘plus one, recurse’ approach. This seems to be a good trade because the difficulty remains relatively unchanged while the strategy shifts from 'can you see it’ to 'can you code it’. I have read many posts that support this idea.

On the other hand it would appear based on solution lengths that everyones solution is unique. Who knows what I’ve missed? I find the idea of see all the solutions submitted for certain puzzles to be quite intriguing. Alas, fruition is not the fate of most dreams.

axorion, 105 months ago.

axorion, 105 months ago.

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