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Thread for puzzle Crawl & Double 4. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Very funny smylic. Although if you take Moore's Law into account it will be a lot sooner. I also like the numbers you chose. Your nerdy 'bits' are showing. Was the use of 2012 deliberate?

axorion, 104 months ago.

I believe “Crawl & Double 1048576” posted in 4096 years will be completely non-hackable:)

smylic, 104 months ago.

Yes, but in my hacks those 16 commands have gone through a great deal of diversity. Some of my hacks where just part of the puzzle making process. I would always get to a point where I thought I had it but as soon as I posted I'd see something I missed. If the step limit were increased to 2000 or so I'm sure it could be done.

axorion, 104 months ago.

All my hacks for these have been the same strategy. There's some variation due to puzzle shapes, but you can move a long way in 16 commands.

keba, 104 months ago.

I give up! Shortly after posting I got an idea how to hack this one. It seem for every change that blocks a known hack a new hack is born. If anyone else is up to the challenge go for it. Of coarse you will have to solve it proper first.

axorion, 104 months ago.

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