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Thread for puzzle Spiral Addict. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Well, actually I can fit 17 in three functions, (7,6,4). Anyway, the strange function space made me have to think a bit outside the normal box, so I still liked it.

edsaw, 96 months ago.

There would not have been a 17 solution if the solution was not broken into small functions. Sometimes having more small functions opens up the puzzle for cool optimizations. This was such a puzzle, and I enjoyed it.

edsaw, 96 months ago.

I’m not one to pick apart puzzles but I don’t like this one. The concept is great. What to do is clear. What is not clear is why it is needlessly broken into so many small functions. The starting position is bad as it pushes a two while the spirals final segment pops a one. Both spirals should be solid blue all the way to their centers. My solution after these corrections is 19(4,9,6). I’m not sure if I will bother with it as is.

axorion, 99 months ago.

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