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Thread for puzzle Hourglass. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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It was fun! Especially - 18 comand solution.

scorpio's comment after solving the puzzle, 42 months ago.

This took me a while, but I felt pretty good solving it.

zammy_j, 52 months ago.

I think wiggling on the straights is required for 18. Wiggling on the stairs too perhaps.

sticky, 90 months ago.

I didn't use wiggling either.

benjaminrr, 90 months ago.

Oddly, wiggling never occurred to me. I stacked the turn between the two distances in a third function. I'll bet the short solutions are wiggling too?

axorion, 90 months ago.

I wiggled in the bottom lines.

kraker, 90 months ago.

OMG! I wiggled while I came down the stairs. Cool puzzle!

hilbert's comment after solving the puzzle, 90 months ago.

Ah, I got it. :) I wrote the functions in a notepad and the solution came by itself. :)

shaggy12's comment after solving the puzzle, 90 months ago.

I see the idea, know the correct path and behavior, but do not know what commands to use exactly. :(

shaggy12, 90 months ago.

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