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Thread for puzzle Rift. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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The most creative and hardest puzzle I have done. It needs some hint.

project, 9 months ago.

Wow. Finally solved this. Would have been easy if the functions were longer. Had to use a very ugly hack to position in the right place after I hit green. After that it was just simple recursion - pop the stack.

lion37, 107 months ago.

This is the first puzzle I'd solved in design mode and then tried to fit into available space. Very seldom I vote "Hard", but this is exactly such case.

smylic's comment after solving the puzzle, 113 months ago.

Really enjoyable to solve, lot's of color hacking to get it to work after the main framework is done.

keith's comment after solving the puzzle, 113 months ago.

The length 18 solution is nice and still comprehensible, it didn't need any twisting to fit into the space.

Keba, 123 months ago.

It's wonderfull puzzle! I love it!

nevzor's comment after solving the puzzle, 126 months ago.

oh, after i've posted my message, i realized that it's nearly the same as recursive said 20 days ago. btw, my original (not fitting) solution is 20 days old too :)

life96, 126 months ago.

...is possible (still suffer from input box length limit in the "after solved" window)

life96, 126 months ago.

basically hard for beeing overconstrained in command blocks (functions). it was relatively easy for me to solve in 24, but with different command blocks layout. and still cant even imagine how 20 is p

life96's comment after solving the puzzle, 126 months ago.

The distribution of available commands is rather misleading. I started with a mostly comprehensible solution in design mode, but twisted it beyond recognition to fit in the spaces available. Nice.

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 127 months ago.

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