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Thread for puzzle Left or Right. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 31 months ago.

The 19 step solution is pretty straight forward - How does the title hint to a shorter solution?

arkangelsk1's comment after solving the puzzle, 122 months ago.

Must do better thatn 19 :-(

uffehellum's comment after solving the puzzle, 136 months ago.

But that said...still might be wrong in understanding what you have hinted :)

timepass, 136 months ago.

Oh ok I had considered that option didn't pursue that at all dismissed that very soon...now i am kind of seeing what you are saying...thanks a lot :)

timepass, 136 months ago.

It was meant to demonstrate how you can do different things based on the color of the base case tile in a recursive function.

recursive, 136 months ago.

Still not seeing the hint for first impression from this puzzle :) is it bcos this puzzle can be solved in other ways also?

timepass, 136 months ago.

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