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Thread for puzzle Square. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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@kraker: Yes, it is possible. http://robozzle.com/puzzle.aspx?id=2109

Smylic, 106 months ago.

My solution is "hard-coded". It wouldn't work for 4^2=16. I wonder whether it is possible to make a "real" square puzzle, making use of the fact that the difference between the series of subsequent squares is the series of odd numbers.

kraker, 107 months ago.

My solution looks very bad...curious to know the right approach to this

timepass, 120 months ago.

How did you know I was going to overthink that so much? :)

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 120 months ago.

Try not to over think this one. :)

snydej, 120 months ago.

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