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Thread for puzzle Hailstone sequence 2. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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This one is much better.

scorpio's comment after solving the puzzle, 24 months ago.

Beautiful puzzle, Smylic. Congratulations on getting it to fit the board so nicely. I especially like the overlap between the paths for 40 and 16.

In contrast to shaggy12, I found this one to be much more difficult to figure out than the first. It is probably the most compressed algorithm I've implemented on RoboZZle so far.

dannythorne, 69 months ago.

I found this one easier than the first. But still, give it 4 of 5 for difficulty.

shaggy12's comment after solving the puzzle, 81 months ago.

It was intended to use different approaches in the first and the second versions. And yes, more straight-forward one was intended here. So I think, Edsaw, you have got both my ideas.

smylic, 81 months ago.

Very nice also. But for this version, I had to use a different more straight-forward approach.

edsaw's comment after solving the puzzle, 81 months ago.

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