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Thread for puzzle Fibonacci Numbers 1.2. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Good one! I have solved it without hint just after found intended solution for 3708.

scorpio's comment after solving the puzzle, 25 months ago.

Ok, I nipped hack idea for previous version in the bud.
Downvote 1.0 and 1.1, but not 1.2.
I bring useful information from 1.0 here.

Description: Blue = F_{Green + 3} // Tradicionally, don't count red.

F_{i} = F_{i-1} + F_{i-2}.
smylic, 3 months ago.

I don't want to have unsolved puzzles, but I really don't know how to give any hint here...
OK, compute numbers by definition (see below).
But there is some subtlety:)
smylic, 6 days ago.

Is this used:
F_{i+3} = 3F_{i} + 2F_{i-1}
where i is the number of greens?
And how further is it used? For the first two lines it is fine, but the next are not applying to that rule. Maybe if we add F_{i-2}, F_{i-3}, etc. it will work. Do you use something like that?
shaggy12, 4 days ago.

When I say to compute by definition, I mean that you should have F_{i-1} and F_{i-2} to get F_i adding two known values. Then later you can add F_i and F_{i-1} to get F_{i+1} and so on.
smylic, 4 days ago.

Ok, more food for thought.
For me F_{Green + 3} was more easy to compute then F_{Green}.
Moreover you can guess that I couldn't make only one green here since you don't see this case in the puzzle.
smylic, 1 day ago.

smylic, 80 months ago.

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