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Thread for puzzle impossible!!!!!!!. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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If you use stack, f2 or f4 wont be needed. Good one. But bad name :)

aulis's comment after solving the puzzle, 140 months ago.

im not that good of a puzzle maker....
i just made up the solution as i went along,
i like the artistic side of desgining levels better than thinking about how to make the solution as short as possible ;)

Jesusgeek94, 141 months ago.

hammered the solution.. think i can do better, but lazy to do ^^

oscarguo's comment after solving the puzzle, 141 months ago.

I did not even notice the paint after solving the puzzle. The main weakness, I think, is the title.

kraker, 141 months ago.

i iz ready for dat cheezburger, no tomato pleez.

thenick22's comment after solving the puzzle, 141 months ago.

My point is that paint should be there for a reason. Either it's necessary, or it should at least make it easier to solve the puzzle. In this case, it is not necessary, and finding a solution without paint is, in my opinion, easier than finding one that uses it. The only other possible sense for paint is that is makes it possible to find a shorter solution, but it's a bit too little for me.
Anyway, my vote is neither like nor dislike, this puzzle is just in the middle.

CountDown_0, 142 months ago.

It may be easy to solve, but it's still an interesting puzzle, in my opinion. Easy/Difficult is a different scale than Like/Dislike.

recursive, 142 months ago.

ya but tons of these puzzles have simple solutions and i still like them...
ya i just put the paint in there for fun theres no reason for it..

Jesusgeek94, 142 months ago.

Solved without paint... It's long (15) but it takes no paint and only one coloured command.

countdown_0's comment after solving the puzzle, 142 months ago.

The hate is probably because there's a simple solution. Once you get to the outside, it's easy.

ebs2002, 142 months ago.

Why all the hate? I like this level...

recursive's comment after solving the puzzle, 142 months ago.

the first to solve can has a cheezeburger!

Jesusgeek94, 142 months ago.

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