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Thread for puzzle Stack. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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Make stack for all greens and after that turn to thr right sud

drmazhar's comment after solving the puzzle, 26 months ago.


beejay's comment after solving the puzzle, 118 months ago.

The 'L' key feature is very useful.

kraker, 119 months ago.

There is no way to modify submitted puzzles, and I try to avoid deleting puzzles unless I absolutely have to (esp. if people already solved it).

Just submit another puzzle.

igoro, 119 months ago.

Thanks igoro I will try that.

So I have an idea how I can do this puzzle properly. Is there a way to "replace" it in another undocumented feature ;) or do I simple submit a new one. Or can I get this one deleted and replaced with the better one... etc... and so on... somehow...?

beaza, 119 months ago.

beaza: You can use the 'L' key in the design mode to get a link to the current game board. Then, open that link in a new window/tab.

It's a somewhat undocumented feature. ;-)

igoro, 119 months ago.

recursive is back in da house!

igoro, 119 months ago.

Never mind... I take it back... I see the problem. Yea, no color and no recursion needed.

I wish there were a way to create a puzzle, save the solution so I don't lose it if I change something, then I can clear it and try other things in the same space looking for hacks, all before truly submitting. The only idea I have right now is to take a screenshot of the page, clear it all by hand, and play around. If I find nothing then I use the screenshot to reproduce it quicker and finally submit.

beaza, 119 months ago.

Thanks for the feedback. I suspected this would be one of those ones where certain people would dominate the puzzle with very few instructions, while others are forced to use more conventional steps. To me that made it an interesting opportunity to see diversity in solution lengths. Example: recursive's solution length
That's why I did it. I appreciate the feedback though.

beaza, 119 months ago.

booyow, still got it

recursive, 119 months ago.

Not a bad idea... but, it is very easy to hack, and no paint is needed.

igoro, 119 months ago.

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