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Thread for puzzle Spiralnaut. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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beaza, 124 months ago.

:( I have solved it in designer mode with one extra function. I can't figure out how to combine my extra one into the 10-slotter and still have it work. :(

beaza, 124 months ago.

Very nice puzzle.

Azure, 124 months ago.

Very nice. Your best puzzle so far, in my opinion. It's difficult to find a solution that fits.

Knowing the exact function lengths of your intended solution gave me some big hints as to how to solve this in the available space. Constraining F1 to 4 commands and F3 to 3 commands allowed me to guess what those functions could be and then I only had to work out F2.

markbyers, 124 months ago.

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